Managed Print Services

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What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services are printing services provided by an external service provider.

Managed Print Services are usually provided to the companies which have to deal with printing daily.

The services include all the printing needs of a company, such as installation, configuration, and maintenance of printing devices and supplies.

It also includes optimizing the printing environment by installing a proper system of printing devices according to the company's needs.

The service expands to monitoring, managing, and taking control of the printing in a company.

How can Managed Print Services help cut printing costs?

EA Managed Print Service provider can help cut the printing costs of a company in a number of ways.

Firstly, the optimization of the printing environment cuts the cost by making efficient use of the printer setup.

Secondly, companies can save on printing by monitoring and managing their printing.

Not having to stock up the supplies such as inks and papers is also one way managed Print Services help cut the cost.

Similarly, the regular monitoring and maintenance by Managed Print Services professionals also help with the cost in the long run by taking proper care of the machinery and devices.

How can we get started with Managed Print Services?

In a nutshell, by contacting a reliable and well-reputed Managed Print Services provider. If they are professionals, they will take care of the rest.

Firstly, they will analyze your printing needs and your printing setup. Then they will make suggestions regarding the changes you may require for the best printing experience in all respects.

It can include upgrading your devices, setting them up differently, or using different supplies with them.

How do Managed Print Services work?

Managed Print Services work by optimizing the printing setup of a company. They do it by analyzing the printing needs and then designing a more suitable printing setup for your company.

What can be expected from Managed Print Services?

There are a number of benefits that can be expected from Managed Print Services.

To say the least, Managed Print Services will manage your company's printing needs cost-effectively.

You will not have to worry about printers, toners, maintenance, or the printing cost, as it will be monitored and kept under control by your service provider.

How can Managed Print Services reduce stock cost?

If you are handling your printing on your own, you will have to stock up on the supplies, accessories, and backup devices.

With Managed Print Services, things will work as a pool. You do not have to buy the big boxes if you do not need them and then wait for the extra material to expire. Your service provider will provide you with just what you need and only as much as you need.

There is also a chance that you will get your supplies at less price than the market as your service provider will buying them in bulk.

Can a Managed Print Service Provider use our printing devices?

If you are dealing with a professional Managed Print Service provider, he will first assess your existing devices' condition. If they can work in compliance with your printing needs, he sure will make use of them.

If your devices are not suitable for your needs, he will suggest replacing them for your good.

What businesses can benefit from a Managed Print Service Program?

Any business that has to deal with printing daily can benefit greatly Managed Print Service Program.

What happens if the printing output needs to change?

If the printing needs of your company change, you can ask your Managed Print Service Provider to review the printing set up and make appropriate changes. He will make the changes accordingly.

How often is the equipment replaced in Managed Print Services?

The printing equipment will be replaced as often as it needs to be.

In a Managed Print Service Program, there is a regular checkup on your printing setup. The checkup could be monthly, every three months, every six months, or yearly. It depends on the printing setup, printing needs, and usage.

What is the cost per page in Managed Print Service Program?

Cost per page is a billing method in Managed Print Services Program. It means you do not have to pay for the devices, supplies, maintenance, or anything in the printer setup.

You pay for the number of pages you print, including all the other costs and charges, much like a printing shop.

How is a Managed Print Service environment friendly?

A Managed Print Service is a more environmentally friendly printing solution than in-house printing.

As an MPS makes the printing environment more efficient and makes the best use of resources, it significantly reduces waste.

How helpful is a MPS for my business?

A Managed Print Service is as helpful for your business as printing is vital for your business.

It will take the burden off of you to manage the printers and supplies and make it cost-effective for you.

How much can I save on printing with a Managed Print Service?

The cost-effectiveness is different for different companies, depending on their needs and usage.

A rough estimate is that Managed Print Services can save you as much as 30% of what you would typically bear as printing expense every year.

How can MPS increase my company’s productivity?

A Managed Print Service can boost the productivity of your company.

As the printing setup will be optimized according to the requirements, your employees can use them with ease.

There will be suitable devices available where they are needed. All the devices will be working correctly because of regular maintenance.

Similarly, your operation will never get affected because of lack of supplies because they will be taken care of by your Managed Print Service Provider.

Will a Managed Print Service replace my broken printer instead of repairing it?

It depends on the condition of the printer and what suits the best to your printing requirements.

Usually, a printing device lasts for six years on average. If it can be repaired and still be made use of, the MPS Provider will fix it. Otherwise, it will have to be replaced for the best results.